Learning and Teaching

In Years 7 to 9 all pupils study two languages – Spanish and French. It is our expectation that each pupil will study at least one language for GCSE, with the option of continuing both if desired.

Computing is central to the curriculum and an innovative, challenging and comprehensive syllabus is in place. Design Technology and Graphics are taught in Years 7 to 9, and these are all popular GCSE choices.

Triple Science is offered at GCSE level with separate sciences being taught from Year 9 to all pupils. Drama, Music, Business Studies, Geography, History and Religion and Ethics are also offered at GCSE. Almost all pupils take 9 or 10 GCSE subjects.

At the start of Year 10 all pupils take the YELLIS test, providing the school with information about target GCSE grades and enabling us to track progress effectively. With the attention we can give in our smaller class sizes, pupils are encouraged to reach their potential by achieving and even exceeding these target grades.