School Councils and Prefects

School Council

The School has a flourishing School Council that consists of representatives from the Junior and Senior School. The Council meets regularly with the Headmistress to discuss ways to improve school life further. This develops leadership skills and opportunities for self-expression and public speaking.

Head Boy and Girl, House Captains and Prefects

Below is a list of pupils of status, these include Head Boy and Girl,  Prefects and House Captains. These pupils have either been elected or appointed by members of staff. They are trusted, loyal members of our school.  Some pupils become School Prefects when they reach Year 11. This is an important role as they assist the Headmistress and her staff with a variety of tasks and set an example to younger pupils and their peers. This extra responsibility nurtures their leadership skills and helps with their transition into adulthood.

Juniors – House Captains and House Prefects 2023-2024

We are very impressed with Year 5 this year and all will have responsibilities as Junior leaders. Pupils will have responsibilities in the playground, in the library and on the School Council.
Head of Buxton House Erdogan
Head of Forest House Anaya
Head of Ridgeway House Ethan
Head of Rangers House Freddie
Heads of Sport  Romy, Lily Rose, Ronnie and Francesco
Prefects Korai, Nina, Leah and Kuzey
Head of Community Links


Seniors – Student Leaders and Prefects 2023-2024

Head Prefects Jordan and Darcey
Prefects Zidaan and Attila
Head of Buxton House Ella
Head of Forest House Kian
Head of Ridgeway House Shaunella
Head of Rangers Finley
Heads of Sport  Ethan, Timothy, Luke and Kiran
Head of Arts Lachlan
Head of Student Leaders Margarida and Edward
Head of Charities and Communities Farrell, Mason, Erin, Farah and James
Head of Academics                                   
Krish, Chioke and Hudson
Head of Environment & Sustainability Ayan